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The Shawnee End Zone Club is the official booster club of the Shawnee Renegades Football program.  Founded in 1998 by parents of student athletes, the End Zone Club provides much needed revenue for the football program through its fund raising efforts. The funds collected go towards material needs and efforts that directly benefit the players. This includes financial support for scholarships, equipment/training needs, hardship assistance and leadership/life coaching. Examples of the accomplishments achieved by the program can be seen throughout the campus of Shawnee, all of which not only benefit the football program but the entire student body. 

Below you will find information on the different opportunities and events available for you to contribute either financially or through volunteering your time. Contact the chairperson of the event or effort you wish to participate in or feel free to contact me directly. Thank you in advance for your support of our players and their coaches as they continue the success that has become tradition with Shawnee Football.

Mike Stoughton
President - Shawnee End Zone Club


Shawnee End Zone Club Board of Directors

Mike Stoughton - President

Nick Fifis - Treasurer/Trustee

Robyn Rusinski - Secretary

Andrea Papa - Trustee

Sally Gushue - Trustee

Dave Peluse- Trustee 

Kevin Randall - Trustee

Rich Grabowski - Trustee

Ryan Yakabosky - Trustee


Event Chairpersons  



End Zone Club Membership Andrea Papa

Golf Outing

Rich Grabowski

Program Ads and Sponsorships

Tom Cusack/Ryan Yakabosky

Meet the Coaches Social

Jamie Padulese

Blue & White Scrimmage BBQ

Tom Mozier & Jeff Wall

Pre Game Dinners

Jill Bryfogle Bill

Clothing Sales

Sally Gushue

Social Media

Tim Welsh

Ad Book

Tom Cusack


Jen Stoughton









Mike Stoughton

EndZone Club President

2023 Important Forms for Endzone Club and Program Book

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Shawnee athletics is committed to provide education based athletic experiences for all student athletes in a positive learning environment.  These competitive experiences can help strengthen the motivation to succeed. Shawnee athletics will emphasize the dedication needed for all student athletes to reach their full academic and athletic potential.  The athletic department aspires to create lifelong confidence and expects all student athletes, coaches and stakeholders to respect themselves, their opponent, the sport, Shawnee High School and the Lenape Regional High School District. 

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Contact Us

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